Diversity and Inclusion


IEEE VTS is committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion in the engineering community.


Our mission is to promote the professional growth of women and underrepresented groups at all stages of their careers.

Workshops and events are organized to foster the connection of women and other groups that represent minorities. Workshops and events collocated with IEEE VTC have the goal to create an opportunity for sharing experiences about the challenges faced by women and minorities in the engineering world, views on how to enhance diversity and increase the presence of minorities at all stages of the engineering career, and technical expertise between engineers.

To learn more about how to get involved with Diversity in VTS, contact the W-VTS Committee Chair.

W-VTS Award

The W-VTS Award is an award given to a female expert/leader for excellent contribution to the advancement of research and technology in a technical field. The ceremony will take place during a VTC conference.

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IEEE VTS has partnered with IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) and adopted their pledge.

Upcoming Events

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