Harald Haas

University of Edinburgh
IEEE Region
Region 08 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)

Harald Haas (S’98–AM’00–M’03–SM’16–F’17) received the Ph.D. degree from The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, U.K., in 2001. He is currently the Chair of Mobile Communications with The University of Edinburgh, and he is the Initiator, the Co-Founder, and the Chief Scientific Officer of pureLiFi Ltd., and the Director of the LiFi Research and Development Centre, The University of Edinburgh. He has authored 430 conference and journal papers, including a paper in Science and co-authored a book Principles of LED Light Communications Towards Networked Li-Fi (Cambridge University Press, 2015). His main research interests are in optical wireless communications, hybrid optical wireless and RF communications, spatial modulation, and interference coordination in wireless networks. He first introduced and coined spatial modulation and LiFi. LiFi was listed among the 50 best inventions in TIME Magazine in 2011. He was an invited speaker at TED Global 2011, and his talk on Wireless Data from Every Light Bulb has been watched online over 2.4 million times. He gave a second TED Global lecture in 2015 on the use of solar cells as LiFi data detectors and energy harvesters. This has been viewed online over 2 million times. In 2012 and 2017, he was a recipient of the prestigious Established Career Fellowship from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) within Information and Communications Technology in the U.K. In 2014, he was selected by EPSRC as one of ten Recognizing Inspirational Scientists and Engineers Leaders in the U.K. He was a co-recipient of the EURASIP Best Paper Award for the Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking in 2015 and the Jack Neubauer Memorial Award of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society. In 2016, he received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the International Solid State Lighting Alliance. He was a co-recipient of recent best paper awards at VTC-Fall, 2013, VTC-Spring 2015, ICC 2016, ICC 2017, and ICC 2018. He is an Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Communications and the Journal of Lightwave Technology. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.