Electronic Publishing

The final version of your manuscript must comply with IEEE Periodicals requirements for text and graphics processing. Please submit all final files through the “awaiting final files” queue in your author center on Manuscript Central within ONE MONTH. Please make sure that your final package is complete upon submission. Once you have completed the submission of your final files you will NOT be able to go back and make changes.

Please do not send ANY items via email, regular mail, or fax, as they will not be processed if you do.

In addition to uploading your files, please check that the author-supplied data, such as contact and co-author information in step 3 of the final submission process, is correct and complete. Failure to enter complete author and co-author information in the designated area on Manuscript Central may result in publishing delays.

Your paper will appear in IEEE Xplore as a manuscript in the "Forthcoming" category before it actually appears in a printed issue. For your paper publication, please prepare the following electronic files:

1) A cover sheet with the phone, fax and email of the corresponding author.

2) The complete manuscript source file in Word, Tex or LaTex format. Failure to submit a source file may result in publishing delays.

3) A PDF version of the complete manuscript in two-column format. As mentioned above, a PDF is NOT sufficient for publication. Please make sure to submit the source file detailed in step 2.

4) If your figures are not embedded in the source file of your manuscript, you will also need to upload separate figure files. The acceptable formats are Word, eps, ps, tiff, ppt and excel. We do NOT accept png or jpeg files for figures. Figures should be named according to the figure numbers in the manuscript!

5) Biosketches and photos of all authors, if not included in the source file. Biosketches should be uploaded at the same time as the other final files, if you plan to include them. These can be included at the end of your Microsoft Word or Latex source file, or submitted as a separate upload. For author photos, jpeg or eps files are accepted. (naming style: authorfirstname_lastname.jpg or authorfirstname_lastname.eps)

*Please make sure that all files have unique file names in order for them to export successfully to IEEE.*

IEEE has moved to an all-electronic copyright submission system. Once you have submitted your final files, a link titled “transfer copyright” will appear in the “manuscripts with decisions” queue in your author center.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in delays in processing the manuscript. For further submission information kindly consult the IEEE Author Center or you may send inquiries via e-mail to (Click to show email).