Ching-Ming Lai

Ching-Ming Lai

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National Chung Hsing University
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Region 10 (Asia and Pacific)
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Autonomous vehicles and intelligent transportation, EV, fuel cell, and hybrid vehicles, Land transportation, Vehicular electronics, wireless charging, and wide band gap electronics
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Chinese, Traditional

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Ching-Ming Lai is a Distinguished Professor in the fields of intelligent electric vehicles, energy technology, and electromechanical integration, with a rich academic and professional background. Holding a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from National Tsing Hua University, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from National Central University, and a B.S. in Aircraft from National Huwei University of Science and Technology, CM Lai academic journey laid the foundation for his illustrious career.

Currently serving as a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Chung Hsing University, CM Lai is actively engaged in cutting-edge research and academic endeavors. His contributions extend beyond academia, as he assumes leadership roles in industry-academia collaboration and professional associations. Notably, he serves as the Secretary-General of the Taiwan Smart Electric Vehicle and Green Energy Technology Association, driving initiatives at the forefront of technological innovation and sustainability.

In recognition of his expertise and contributions, CM Lai has been appointed as a Research Professor at Kobe University in Japan, further solidifying his international presence and collaborations. Additionally, his involvement as an IEEE member and his active participation in the Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) underscore his commitment to advancing knowledge and technology in the field of vehicle electronics and electromechanical systems.
CM Lai's remarkable achievements have earned him prestigious accolades and recognition both nationally and internationally. He has been honored with the Wu Dayou Award by the National Science Council and has been recognized as an IET Fellow/AIE Fellow. Moreover, his inclusion among Elsevier's top 2% scientists underscores his significant contributions to the scientific community.

A prolific researcher, Professor Lai boasts an impressive publication record of more than 3000 citations, with numerous papers published in esteemed journals and conferences. His groundbreaking work has led to the filing of more than 40 patents, highlighting his innovative approach to solving complex engineering challenges.

Beyond research and academia, CM Lai is deeply committed to technology transfer, industrial development, and talent cultivation. He has facilitated multiple technology transfers, fostering collaboration between academia and industry to drive innovation and economic growth. Furthermore, his leadership in establishing the National Science Council New Energy Electric Vehicle Industry-Academia Technology Alliance has been instrumental in nurturing Taiwan's burgeoning electric vehicle industry.

Of particular significance is CM Lai's partnership with Huanyu Hong Technology, which has led to the localization and widespread adoption of electric bus technology in Taiwan. Through his visionary leadership, CM Lai has propelled the nation towards a sustainable future, with over 1,000 electric buses projected to integrate his technological advancements by 2025.

In summary, Professor Lai Qingming's unwavering dedication to research, innovation, and industry-academia collaboration has positioned him as a trailblazer in the fields of smart vehicles and energy technology. His contributions to academia, industry, and society at large exemplify the transformative power of interdisciplinary research and collaborative partnerships.

CM Lai was the pioneer of the establishment of the "Master's Program in Smart Electric Vehicles and Green Energy Technology" at national Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, and expands collaborations with international institutions like USM, MIT and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. He holds the IEEE senior member, and IET and AIE Fellows.

IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Position History:
  • Present   Associate Editor - Vehicular Electronics and Systems (TVT Editorial Board)
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