Jiandong Gan

Jiandong Gan

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Southwest Jiaotong University
IEEE Region
Region 10 (Asia and Pacific)
Technical Area
Land transportation
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Working for China Railway Electrification Engineering Bureau Group as the Chief Cost Manager of International corporation, being responsible for the marketing and implementation as well as cost management of overseas projects in the field of land transportation. Being responsible for the project tendering, contract negotiation, technical proposal negotiation, project management and economic management, such as the projects of light rail in Tel Aviv of Israel, high speed railway (HS2) in British, Djakarta – Bandung High Speed Railway in Indonesia, and other railway and urban transportation projects in Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Singapore, Maylasia, India, Iran, Turkey and Hongkong. Being familiar with the codes and standards in the major of traction power supply of railway. Having been involved in the translation and review of the codes of standards of China railway such as “Code for Design of High-speed Railway”,” Code for Design of Railway Traction Power Supply”, ”Code for Design of Railway Electric Power“ and many other codes and standards. Being involved in the technical negotiation of technology transfer of high speed railway in China for the Tianjin – Beijing intercity passenger dedicated railway and Wuhan – Guangzhou High Speed Railway.

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