Nektarios Moraitis

Nektarios Moraitis

National Technical University of Athens
IEEE Region
Region 08 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)
Technical Area
Wireless networks, Vehicular communications and connected vehicles, Radio channels and antennas, 5G/B5G/6G and cellular systems
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Nektarios Moraitis was born in Athens, Greece. He received the Diploma, and the Ph.D. degrees, all in electrical and computer engineering, from National Technical University of Athens, Greece, in 1998, and 2005 respectively. His PhD thesis was “Indoor radio channel characterization at millimeter wave frequencies for the development of wireless broadband systems”. From 1998 since April 2007, he worked as researcher in Mobile Radiocommunications Laboratory, National Technical University of Athens and has been involved in many research projects, including channel measurements, modeling, and characterization for wireless communication systems, microwave system design, and mobile satellite communication systems. In May 2007 he became a permanent staff as a laboratory engineer in Mobile Radiocommunications Laboratory of National Technical University of Athens. In May 2014 he became a teaching and research associate (faculty staff) responsible for teaching the laboratory lessons “Introductory Lab in Electronics & Telecommunications” (3rd semester of the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, NTUA), and “Biomedical Technology Laboratory" (6th semester of the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, NTUA). He also serves as a quality control manager for IEC/ISO17025:2017 standard, applied by the laboratory. He is responsible for the laboratory's research equipment, as well as the maintenance and accreditation. He is authorized as an accredited engineer, to perform electromagnetic field measurements, and EMC/EMI measurements. Since 1998, he has participated in many European projects such as SatNEx I and II as well as in COST 273, 259, 2100 and IC0802 activities. He has more than 80 publications in international journals, conference proceedings, and book chapters. The aforementioned publications have resulted in more than 850 citations with an h-index 14 and i10-index of 19. His current research interest includes millimeter wave propagation for future wireless communications systems, channel measurements, characterization, simulation and modeling for fixed or mobile communications systems, MIMO technology for mobile satellite systems, 4G and 5G systems, and biological effects of electromagnetic radiation. He is a member of IEEE and also a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece since 1998. He is a Member of Vehicular Technology since 1998. He is a Senior Member of IEEE since August 2018. He serves as a reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, IEEE Communications Letters, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology και Wiley Bioelectromagnetics (137 reviews). He serves as chair of IEEE Greece Section Vehicular Technology/Aerospace and Electronic Systems Joint Chapter since February 2020.

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