Song Ci (IEEE Fellow 23) is currently a Professor and the founding director of the ICT-Energy Lab in Department Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University, China. His My main research interest is complex system modeling and optimization and its applications on both the Internet and the Energy Internet. He is pioneering research in ground-breaking work in dynamic reconfigurable battery and its application in electric vehicles (EV) batteries. He has contributed 300+ highly cited publications, 100+ patents, ITU standard L.1210, the first software-defined digital energy processing and computing system, the first real-world deployment of digital power-feeding system for 5G networks and the world largest scale digital energy storage system using low-cost non-disassembly retired EV batteries. All these ICT-Energy cross-cutting work clearly demonstrates lasting impacts on the industry and society. He is also the founder and the chief scientist of iBatteryCloud, a startup company focusing on digital energy storage systems (DESS) for smart grids, EVs, and cell towers/data centers.

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