Chapter Resources

Chapter Visibility

First and foremost, VTS is available to offer guidance and support of various chapter events, workshops, and other chapter initiatives. The Society is available to advertise your chapter's activities to our vehicular technology community on various platforms including our website, social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook) and in the VTS Mobile World newsletter. 

•    VTS shares chapter activities in a bi-monthly newsletter to the VTS membership. Submit your events and activities to this web form.

We also strongly recommend you to have your own Chapter’s webpage, like some of the chapters do have. Please send the link of this webpage to us for inclusion on the VTS website.

Chapter Support

IEEE VTS solicits funding requests from chapters in February & March of each calendar year. Chapter chairs will receive notification via email when the Chapter Funding Request Form is open.

IEEE VTS also provides VTS-branded promotional items for in-person Chapter events. Please follow these guidelines to ensure your request is processed in a timely manner:

•    Requests for promotional items can be submitted through this web form.

•    Requests must be made three weeks prior to the event (in US) or six weeks prior to the event (International).

Distinguished Lecturer Program

VTS has one of the largest Distinguished Lecturer programs in the IEEE. Over seventy Distinguished Lecturers (DLs) and Distinguished Speakers (DSs) are available on request to present at Chapter events. The full list of our DLs and their respective proposed talks title/abstract can be found here.

•    Chapter Chairs can request a Distinguished Lecturer/Speaker to attend an in-person or online chapter event through this web form.

Reporting Chapter Activities

All IEEE Chapters must hold and report at least two technical meetings per year to be viable as defined by the IEEE. To address a common error, please note that it is not sufficient for your meetings to merely be entered into the system. The post-meeting reports and additional fields therein (e.g., on attendance) must also be completed. This is important for VTS, as we don’t want any Chapters to be shut down due to reporting non-compliance. 

•    Reporting of these meetings to IEEE can be completed here on an ongoing basis.
•    VTS requests that every chapter submit an end-of-year chapter report. The request will be received via email.

Officer Reporting

Please keep in mind any changes to Chapter officers must also be reported in a timely manner on vTools Officer Reporting page as well as to the VTS Operations Manager.

Outstanding Chapter Award

Since 2009, VTS has recognized one chapter every year with the Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award. Learn more about the Award criteria here. All active VTS chapters who have not received this award in the past 3 years are eligible for this award and nominations are highly encouraged and welcome! The nomination submission opens in December and closes in April of each year.

Chapters Committee

The VTS Chapters Committee focuses on establishing and maintaining communication with all VTS chapters. The Committee is a resource available to all chapter chairs to answer questions and share best practices. The Chapters Committee Chair is Alon Newton.