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IEEE VTS Motor Vehicles Challenge 2022

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The i-MiEV 2012 by Mitsubishi at CTI Lab. for EVs, Hanoi University of Science and Technology

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Sizing and Energy Management of Hybrid Dual-Energy Storage System for a Commercial Electric Vehicle

Welcome to VTS Motor Vehicles Challenge 2022

The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, the University of Sherbrooke, the University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté, the University of Québec at Trois-Rivières, and the University of Lille are proud to launch the IEEE VTS Motor Vehicles Challenge 2022.

Objective Challenge

IEEE VTS Motor Vehicles Challenge is an annual activity that has been organized in cooperation with the IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC) since 2017. In this sixth event, two fundamental issues which are sizing an energy storage system and energy management for a commercial electric vehicle (EV) are brought together on the research platform of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Thereby, participants must propose a design of a hybrid dual-energy storage system, including battery and supercapacitor packs, and then provide an appropriate energy management strategy to obtain the targets of battery life-extending and further travel distance.

The top-scored participated teams will be distinguished and invited to present their solutions in a special session of the IEEE-VPPC 2022.

Important Dates and Registration

Registration: January 6, 2022 (Extended). Please register at: 

Submitted: February 20, 2022

Results: March 6, 2022

Program/Technical Chair(s)