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Connecting the Mobile World for 75 Years

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This year, we are excited to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VTS, the 100th edition of VTC, and the 140th anniversary of IEEE. 

The VTS is one of the oldest societies in IEEE. It started in 1949 as a Professional Group on Vehicular and Railroad Radio Communications in the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE). The group was renamed as IRE Professional Group on Vehicular Communications (PGVC) in 1950. It experienced significant growth in its membership base, expanded its filed of interest, and had several name changes, including Vehicular Technology Group (VTG) in 1967, before becoming IEEE Vehicular Technology Society since 1978. The VTS has been the association of reference for VT professionals’ needs in the areas of life-long learning, standards creation, dissemination of new technologies and networking. It supports VTS members and the global VT community through its high-impact technical publications and conferences, technology standards, and educational activities. 

The PGVC had its first technical conference in Detroit, Michigan, in 1950. The 28th annual conference was renamed the IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference in 1978 held in Denver, Colorado. To meet growing needs of the global mobile radio community, the VTC has been held biannually since 1999, in Spring and in Fall respectively. The 100th edition of the VTC will be held in Washington, DC, 7-10 October 2024. This VTS flagship conference brings together individuals from academia, government institutions, and industry to discuss and exchange ideas in the fields of wireless, mobile, and vehicular technology. It provides a unique platform for the global technical community to share innovative ideas and thoughts and to showcase cutting-edge R&D achievements for wireless communications and vehicular technology. 

The IEEE was established in 1963 when the IRE, formed in 1912, and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, created in 1884, were merged. Now, with over 460,000 members in more than 190 countries, it is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. 

The VTS Board of Governors has been planning various activities for the celebration. Most in-person celebration activities will take place at VTC2024-Fall in Washington, DC. In addition, please follow us on Facebook, X, and LinkedIn. If you have any historic images, videos, or stories of VTS and VTC, please upload them along with your story for sharing with the VT community. Thank you!


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