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New protocol architecture for 6G


Lin Cai

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University of Victoria

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New protocol architecture for 6G: The fusion of digital and real worlds in all dimensions will be the driving force for future 6G wireless systems. Ubiquitous in-time and on-time communication services between humans, machines, robots, and their virtual counterparts are essential, and they expand from the ground to air, space, underground, and deep sea. 6G systems are not only data pipelines but also large-scale distributed computing systems with integrated sensing, processing, storage, communication and computing capabilities.  It is challenging to build ubiquitous and intelligent 6G systems, handling stringent quality-of-service (QoS) requirements, providing a rich set of communication modes, including unicast, multicast, broadcast, in-cast, and group-cast, and supporting user-centric mobile applications. In this talk, we introduce a new protocol architecture, Self-Evolving and Transformative (SET) architecture that can provide a wide range of control functions, and be intelligently configured  for different types of 6G applications and networking environments. Its design principles, potentials, and open issues are discussed.